How to Insure Recreational “Toys”

Living in Wisconsin, it is very common to own one or more recreational toys.  Summers are spent on the water, and winters are spent on the snowmobile trails.  While toys can provide endless hours of fun, many people are unaware of how to make sure they are properly protected and insured.

Just like your home and vehicles, recreation toys are expensive and create many liability exposures and issues.  To make sure you are protected, toys need to be properly insured.

Riding down tree-lined trails on an ATV or snowmobile is a beautiful sight and enjoyable, but they are often very hazardous for people who are recklessly riding down the trail.  All too often, submerged rocks, tree stumps and other foreign objects can tear up the bottom of a boat or prop on the motor.  Unusual and unexpected things happen while people are out enjoying time on their boat, snowmobile, or ATV and it is crucial to protect yourself.

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to properly insuring toys, such as boats, snowmobiles, and ATV’s.   Typically, homeowner’s policies DO NOT automatically provide coverage for toys, and they need to be insured separately. They can be often be added on to your existing home or auto policy, but there are situations you may need to obtain a separate policy. Even for trailers, there is only a small amount of coverage for when you are on your own premises, otherwise they are not covered under home and auto policies.  Many boat, snowmobile, and ATV claims occur while being trailered on a highway.

When insuring a toy, the rates are based on seasonal usage only, so premiums tend not to be as high as people may think.  It also covers the toy year round, so if you store your boat in the winter, there is still coverage!  The best thing you can do if you already own a toy or are considering purchasing one, is calling your agent to discuss how to properly protect it.

Want to work with an insurance agency that puts your needs first?  Contact the insurance professionals of American Advantage – Petersen Group in New Berlin, Wisconsin – a local independent insurance agency.

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