Home Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Home Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

It is winter in Wisconsin, and one thing is for certain…it is COLD.  When the temperature drops, our homes can take a real beating.  Follow these home mistakes to avoid this winter from American Advantage – Petersen Group in New Berlin, Wisconsin!

Frozen Pipes

Have you ever left a soda in the freezer for too long and it exploded?  Well, the same thing can happen to your pipes.  As water freezes, it expands.  If it expands too much, the pipe can burst. Water will leak and it has the potential to cause major damage.  The best way to avoid a pipe burst, is to avoid the water from freezing in the first place.  If there are cracks or holes in any outside walls near water pipes, they should be sealed to help keep the cold out.  If you are planning on taking a trip this winter, beware of how much you lower the heat in your home.  Lowering the temperature could lower your heating bill, but it could lead to a disaster.  If an unanticipated cold front moves through your area while you’re gone, a normally safe pipe could freeze and ultimately burst.  Play it safe, and keep your heat at an average temperature to avoid a potential hazard.  Going on a trip and don’t want to take any risks?  Drain your water system.  If there is no water in the pipes, there will be no chance of freezing.  In order to do this, turn off your water at the main valve and run every water fixture in your home until the water stops running. Once you are back home, turn the water back on at the main valve and let each water fixture run until the pipes are full.  Suspect a frozen pipe?  Call a plumber and shut off the water at the main valve.

Ice and Snow Damage

When it snows outside, we all know to shovel the sidewalk.  Did you know snow left on your roof can cause potential damage?   When heat collects in the attic it warms the roof, except in the eaves.  Snow will melt off the warm roof, but can freeze on the cold eaves.  Ice grows along the eaves, which forms a dam.  When snow continues to melt off, it can back up behind the pre-existing dam and flow under shingles and into the house.  The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to pull off snow with a long handled aluminum roof rake.


This might not seem very common to you, but slip-and-fall lawsuits in the winter happen, and can be very costly to you.  First way to defend against this to ensure they do not happen on your property.  When the snow falls and the temperature drops, make sure to remove snow promptly and salt the ground to help defend against ice.  Also, make sure you have the proper liability coverage on your homeowners insurance policy to protect you and your assets in the event an accident does occur.

Make sure your home is properly protected all year long with the proper insurance coverage.  Contact the insurance professionals of American Advantage – Petersen Group for all your home, auto & business insurance needs!

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