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It is spring time in New Berlin, Wisconsin!  Soon our days will be filled with sunshine, warmth and nights sitting by the fire.  Warmer weather also means it is finally time to take your motorcycle out of storage and go for your first ride!  While motorcycles are extremely fun, they can also be less safe as traditional vehicles if proper safety is not followed.  If it’s time to take your bike for its’ first ride of the season, follow these safety tips from American Advantage – Petersen Group insurance in New Berlin, Wisconsin!

  • Wear a helmet!!!
    If there is one safety tip we can give you, it’s wear a helmet.  Head injuries are the leading cause of death for motorcycle riders, wearing a helmet can help to avoid that. Wearing a helmet is just the beginning, you need to wear the RIGHT helmet.  Make sure it doesn’t just look good, ensure that it’s the proper fit and provides the right protection.
  • Invest in some awesome, but proper gear!
    This is huge!  Motorcycles offer very little protection in a crash, so what you wear is actually a crucial part of the crash protection system.
  • Look Twice
    This one is more for drivers than it is for motorcycle riders.  While you’re out driving, LOOK for motorcycles, and then look again.  Keep your ears and eyes open, they can be tough to see, but 1 extra look could save someone’s life.
  • Educate
    If you are driving with passengers on the back of your bike, education is very important.  Make sure they have the correct gear, such as sturdy shoes and protective clothing.  If you’re new to riding with a passenger, PRACTICE.  Try going around an empty parking lot before you hit the roads.

Before you hit the roads, make sure to call the insurance experts of American Advantage – Petersen Group insurance to get your motorcycle properly insured!

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