We Love Trampolines!! (said no insurance company, ever)

There comes a day in every parent’s life when their child asks the inevitable question… can we get a trampoline?  Sure, trampolines are a blast but did you know that having a trampoline can effect your home insurance rates in New Berlin, Wisconsin?  There are more than 90,000 accidents each year resulting from a trampoline.  They don’t sound so fun anymore, do they?  Many insurance companies won’t even insure you if there is a trampoline on your property and others require specific safety features.  If you’re thinking about purchasing a  trampoline, always contact your independent insurance agent, like those at American Advantage – Petersen first to ensure your home insurance will cover it and what you will need to do for it to be covered.   To further protect yourself, you may want to consider purchasing extra liability coverage  in the form of a million dollar umbrella policy.

Here are a few safety tips to consider if you decide to purchase the trampoline:

  1. Install a safety net and pads around the equipment to cushion any falls
  2. Keep the trampoline away from buildings, fences and other yard equipment
  3. Cover metal bars, hooks and springs with protective padding
  4. New allow more than one person on at a time
  5. Make sure children are supervised while on the trampoline
  6. Ban flips and somersaults, which put users at a higher risk of falling

American Advantage – Petersen Group in New Berlin, Wisconsin can help residents focus on choosing the proper home and property insurance coverage that fits their current and future goals. To learn more…. give us a call! 262-432-0789

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